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K11 DESIGN STORE × Zoie Lam × thermo mug


8/31まで、サーモマグ POPUPストアとOEKAKIイベントを、K11 DESIGN STORE(香港)にて開催中です。

8/1のPOP UP ストア開催初日に、プレスパーティを開きました。

当日は、香港在住のグラフィックアーティスト Zoie Lam 氏をゲストに迎え、店舗内にて参加型のお絵かき講座を開きデモンストレーションを実施いたしました。


Up to 8/31, Thermomug POPUP store and OEKAKI events are being held at the K11 DESIGN STORE (Hong Kong). We held a press party on the first day of the August 1st POP UP store. On the day of the event, we invited Zoie Lam, a graphic artist living in Hong Kong, as a guest, and held a participatory drawing class in the store and gave a demonstration.




Zoie Lam氏のプロフィール

Zoie Lamは香港を拠点とするグラフィックアーティストです。



また、さまざまな学校、HK Arts Development Council、Haven of Hope Hospital、CR2 903、Harbour City、Elements、PMQ、Vansなどを含むさまざまな機関や企業とも協力しています。


Zoie Lam is a Hong Kong-based graphic artist. Most of her works are expressed in elaborate patterns using creative and vivid colors and fluorescent colors. Her other favorite art style is wall art. As a result, she got invited and introduced her art at the Korea Busan Art Fair and the Asia Modern Art Fair.

We also work with a variety of institutions and companies, including various schools, the HK Arts Development Council, Haven of Hope Hospital, CR2 903, Harbour City, Elements, PMQ, and Vans.






On the day of the event, not only media people but also many ordinary people visited, making the event lively.






Thermomug is encouraging people to reduce the use of plastic bottles and bring their own reusable bottle. The campaign offers an Umbrella bottle as a creative canvas, allowing both adults and children to unleash their creativity and incorporate their favorite designs into practical items that can be carried anywhere.



K11 Design Store



K11 Design Store x thermo mug
“My Original Tumbler” Pop Up Store


Date:1 August – 31 August 2019
Opening Hours:10am – 10pm
Address:Shop 110 – 111, 1/F K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Price for Personalization:HK$599(Receive a personalized OEKAKI umbrella bottle and a complimentary K11 Design Store gift voucher valued at HK$50)
Drawing Submission Period:1 Aug – 31 Aug 2019
Pick Up Location:Shop 110 – 111, 1/F K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Pick Up Period:Starting from 28 Sept 2019
Pick Up Location:Shop 307 – 309, 3/F, K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui



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