Esther Kim

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Esther Kim
Korean American . Born in Los Angeles and grow up in Tokyo at teens.Her life experience in both cities has had a significant impact on her artwork. She is good at drawing a picture comes out from the story born in her mind and create a unique her own world. Her artwork is not just a cute but she always add very special essence to the design . Everyone can recognize easily it is her artwork. So far she worked with Anna Sui ,Nylon (Japan · Korea · US), Ellegirl Korea, Isetan, Kid Robot, Nasty Gal, Nissen and Urban Out fi tters.

Carolin Loebbert

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Carolin Loebbert
In 1981 born in Haltern Germany . 2002, he studied Illustration and Communication Design at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and participated in group exhibitions around the world such as Tokyo and Germany . Since 2004 working as freelance illustrator and a graphic designer and immediately showed his talents in a variety of magazines and anthologies. on the mother's day of the 2012 , his design was appointed to the main icon of campaign for Mitsukoshi Isetan and it was picked up for big window display of Mitsukoshi Isetan Shinjuku store. Her unique colors and view of the world has a charm which captivated viewers at a glance.

Leena Kisonen

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Leena Kisonen
Finnish Illustrator / graphic designer based in Helsinki Germany. She studied variety of art, including graphic design at the College of Art of Poland and her talent is now shown in the field of print, digital, textile and many other scene . Her artwork express simplicity and cuteness obtained in going to live every day in Northern Europe through her filter and there is something warmth make everyone happy .

Yusuke Hanai


Yusuke Hanai
Illustrators and fine artists, born in 1978. Since 2006 started to exhibit his artwork at TheSurfGallery in California LagunaBeach. Following year ,exhibit at The Happenig sponsored by TheSurfGallery in NewYork, Sydney, Tokyo, London and Paris. Now he is working worldwide with like Gravis , Analog and BEAMS.

HI(NY) design

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HI (NY) design
Design unit based in NY by Hitomi Watanabe and Iku Koyamada playing in The United States, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, South America and so on while working for print design and branding mainly. The client is Coca Cola, MTV and Victoria's Secret etc . These days they engage in web, motion graphics, and interior design as art director.


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Graphic artist, art director in TOKYO . He performed interior design of ACE hotel in NY , Jacket design for BOYSNOIZE or m-flo, Halloween costume design for OPENING CELEMONY , product planning with JAXA and produce collaboration items with many brands .


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Design team created by Mayuko Tsunoda and Satoshi Hasegawa established in 2009 , incorporated in 2013 . Under the concept " Do it for everyone by everyone " they create any kinds of design not only for graphics or products . Prized Good Design Award etc .